June 28, 2016

Shiloh Baptist Church hosts 5th Mobile Food Drop

Author: Maria Diestro

Shiloh Baptist Church Mobile Food DropWhen the 18 wheeler drove into the parking lot at 580 W. Jackson Street, some 80 volunteers were ready and waiting to begin the process of unwrapping, unpacking, sorting and bagging. The semi from Second Harvest Food Bank is like a box of chocolates; we never know what we will get. We do know it will all be good.

On Friday June 24, 2016, the Shiloh Baptist Church food pantry hosted its 5th Mobile Food Drop. As early as 7:45 a.m. the line had already begun to form. This food drop provided food to persons residing in the Parramore and neighboring communities.

Shiloh members were joined by family, friends, and members of St. Richards Episcopal Church in a huge volunteer effort to place some 32,808 pounds of food into the hands of more than 315 households. Read More …

June 21, 2016

Food and Fenders

Author: Greg Higgerson

Second Harvest feeding partner Victory Temple of GodThe first thing one notices are the sounds of the vehicles. As I stood outside the scheduled food distribution at Victory Temple of God food pantry in Sanford, I could hear the clients’ cars coming up Sixth Street before I saw them. Extremely rough-sounding engines that threatened to quit any moment.

The metal-on-metal screech of brake pads that no longer existed.   The loud, tell-tale clicking of a bad CV joint. The rest were merely afflicted with more minor issues like fenders held on with wire, taped plastic over missing windows, or severely bald tires. All long-delayed repairs that routinely fall lower on the very low-income owners’ priority list than food, shelter, clothing, medicine, or gasoline. Read More …

June 15, 2016

Dining in the Dark Orlando Returns!

Author: Melissa Kear

Dining in the Dark squareFor the third year in a row, Second Harvest Food Bank is partnering with Lighthouse Central Florida to bring you Orlando’s most unique dining experience: Dining in the Dark Orlando. We’re excited to announce the Orlando Police Department SWAT Team will also be returning as our Guest Servers, helping guests safely get to their tables in the dark, and serve them their courses and drinks throughout the evening.

Award-winning Chef Jill Holland will be back to flex her creative muscles, allowing guests to enter a world of smell, taste, sound, & texture in total darkness. Some of the funniest parts of the evening are discussing with your table what you think you are eating, “Is it beef?” “No, definitely something else.” “I think it’s peach something!” “Are you sure, I thought I was getting mango?” And let’s not forget the fun of pouring yourself a glass of wine in total darkness. Read More …

June 13, 2016

Summer Food Program Kicks Off

Author: Santos Maldonado

Central Florida Summer Feeding Program Across Central Florida, students eagerly look forward to summer vacation, but for many children from low income families, summertime means losing access to school cafeterias and the nutritious well-balanced meals they regularly receive.

During summer, many struggling families have to spend more money on food and make tougher household budgetary decisions.

The Summer Food Program is designed to help children and families by providing a seamless nutritional continuum bridging the seasonal gap in the National School Lunch Program.

For the eight consecutive year, Second Harvest Food Bank will seamlessly transition from its Kids Cafe Afternoon Meal Program (AMP) to The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

The summer program allows us to provide free, nutritious, prepared meals to children ages 18 and under while school cafeterias are closed. Read More …

June 10, 2016

Central Florida Raises 218,281 Pounds of Food During Letter Carriers Food Drive

Author: Melissa Kear

2016 Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food DriveOn the second Saturday of every May, for the past 24 years letter carriers all across the nation have been picking up bags of canned and nonperishable goods set out at the mailboxes of compassionate, giving people . This year was no different, and the Central Florida community came together in a big way for the Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive!

Saturday, May 14th, Central Florida letter carriers went mailbox to mailbox to collect donations and bring their loaded trucks back to awaiting volunteers. Volunteers and letter carriers worked together to empty out trucks and sort through all kinds of donated product, so that it could be ready to go back to the food bank and distributed out into the community. Read More …

June 10, 2016

Local 5th Grader Paints Picture of Childhood Hunger

Author: Sasha Hausman

Hunger heroes come in all ages. Meet Aubrey Anthony, 5th grader at Eagle Creek Elementary. Aubrey prepared a moving speech for her School Oration Contest on Hunger in America.

She did such an amazing job educating her peers on hunger here in Central Florida that she made it all the way to Regional! She even came to share her award winning speech to the Second Harvest Food Bank staff where she received a standing ovation. She was even nice enough to let us share it with all of you…

Please help us in thanking and congratulating Aubrey in all her successes. The future is bright for her…look out, Dave Krepcho! Aubrey could have your job in no time.

Check out her video below, and be sure to share the love. Great job, Aubrey!
Read More …