July 17, 2017

Local Youth Awarded André Reyna Youth Against Hunger Award

Author: Melissa Kear

Lauren Bautista and Odalys ReynaEvery day, local youth are finding ways to give a voice to those less fortunate. Some volunteer, some advocate, some donate, and some are continuing to find unique ways to solve the problems local kids, families, and seniors in need face.

André Reyna was a very special young man who encompassed this. As a student at UCF and frequent volunteer for Second Harvest Food Bank and other local causes, André cared very deeply about helping those less fortunate, and about making sure that people had the basics of life available no matter their financial resources. Read More …

May 3, 2017

Volunteer Spotlight: Florida Orlando Mission Group

Author: Mindy Ortiz

Florida Orlando Mission group volunteersOver the past 15 months, we’ve had a new group of familiar faces around the food bank.

In 2015, we were approached by the Florida Orlando Mission group to form a partnership between the food bank and the missionaries to provide volunteer opportunities on a regular basis. Of course we said yes!

Every Wednesday since, they have sent 20-30 volunteers for our 1 pm donation shift.  Whether helping out in our warehouse to sort meats, dry goods, produce, or helping with our numerous office & special event projects, they are an AMAZING group to work with. To date, they have volunteered a total of 3,642 hours! Read More …

December 7, 2016

Top 5 Ways You Can Fight Hunger From Your Phone

Author: Melissa Kear

These days, most of us can’t be seen without our phones in our hands. It’s how we communicate, it’s how we learn, it’s how we’re entertained, and it’s something that’s both convenient and familiar to us. But did you know that your phone is also a powerful tool to fight hunger in Central Florida? Here are the Top 5 Ways you can use your phone to fight hunger in your community.

1. Start a virtual food drive.

This holiday season, we’ve redesigned our virtual food drive to be mobile friendly, which allows you to fundraise more efficiently. It’s even easier to sign up, monitor, and share with your friends, family, and coworkers. Read More …

July 19, 2016

Why do you volunteer?

Author: Guest Blogger

Lauren ZargariI am so thankful for the wonderful volunteers here at Second Harvest, and that I get the opportunity to hear about their hearts for the hungry. So many set aside time in effort to fight hunger, and that is what makes this community so great.

I met Lauren Zargari a few weeks ago and it was her first time at the food bank. She said, “I think its important to give back to the community and help anywhere you can. It was really eye opening when I got here because I was educated on what is going on in our community and how many people are actually in need.”

Lauren helped package meals for the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).  She said she specifically picked that act of service because she wanted to help with feeding children.


Read More …

March 23, 2016

Do You Have Sole?

Author: Guest Blogger

Wine Women & Shoes Sole Man TJHi there! I’m TJ and this year…

I’m a Soul man! Da-na, da-na, da-na, da-na…

Well, we’re spelling things a little different this year. It’s Soooole Man, baby! What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked! This year, Wine Women & Shoes (WW&S) Orlando has decided to take a turn from Shoe Guys and has turned us into Sole Men. The metamorphosis is complete and we’re very excited to be showing off all that we can do. Look out for Sole Men throughout the event. We’ll be there to cater to all the attendees from passing out wine glasses, pouring wine, serving the VIP tables, (maybe making an appearance on stage), and handing out some very special WW&S CORKS to the wearers of our favorite shoes. Before we get to the April, though, you’ve got a chance to meet this year’s Sole Men!

Visit our pages here to see all the gentlemen that you’ll get to meet, as well as help us crown this year’s KING OF SOLE by donating to their page. Remember 100% of the proceeds from the King of Sole competition go DIRECTLY to Second Harvest Food Bank. Make sure to share their pages and tell your friends, especially if you see a familiar face or two! Read More …

January 28, 2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Sarah!

Author: Mindy Ortiz

Volunteer Spotlight: SarahSince July of last year, Sarah has been volunteering her time at the food bank. In that time, she has been a tremendous help in several areas.

Sarah helps sort donations when needed, but  is also a frequent face in our Production Kitchen where she helps to create meals for children attending Head Start Programs. She has been instrumental with keeping our cooler area in order and stocked, as well as providing instruction to new volunteers helping out in this area.

“I’m currently looking for employment, so in my off time I like to keep busy and help out at the food bank,” Sarah said when asked why she volunteers. “I love the people here!

Sarah has volunteered close to 300 hours since July of last year. That is $7,000 saved that can go to feeding more of our neighbors in need because Sarah chose to volunteer her time at the food bank. It goes to show how important volunteers are, and why we couldn’t do what we do without them. Read More …