March 20, 2017

#MeatlessMonday Recipe: Reunion Salad

Author: Melissa Kear

This week’s National Nutritional Month #MeatlessMonday recipe is perfect for the first day of spring! One of our most popular recipes, this dish uses fresh vegetables, black-eyed peas, and a light sauce to make a refreshing, tasty salad that can be easily customized with other great flavors.

Check out the recipe below, or download your own printable copy here.

Second Harvest #MeatlessMonday Reunion Salad recipe

March 13, 2017

#MeatlessMonday Recipe: Asian Slaw

Author: Melissa Kear

We’ve hit week 2 of National Nutrition Month, and the Nutrition Team over at Second Harvest are back with another great Meatless Monday recipe.

Whether you have it as a side or as a full dish, this Asian Slaw recipe is both delicious and nutritious. This recipe has a lot of great crunch and flavor, and is a perfect next-day-meal that can be tossed with your favorite protein.

Check it out below, or download and print your own copy here.

Second Harvest Nutrition Team Meatless Monday Asian Slaw Recipe

May 13, 2015

It’s Cucumber Season!

Author: Maria Conley, RD, LD/N

Florida cucumbersAs temperatures rise, there’s no better time to enjoy Florida cucumbers!

Cucumbers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. There are the traditional green-colored cucumbers, as well as white and yellow ones. They may be short, slightly oval or even round in shape. The skin on the cucumber can be smooth and thin or thick and rough.

Cucumbers are known for being very low in calories – a whole cucumber is only 45 calories,an excellent source of vitamin K and a good source of vitamin C and potassium.

In the United States, Florida is the number one producer of cucumbers. The two main types grown are slicers, produced for fresh consumption, and picklers, produced for processing into pickles. Read More …

March 11, 2014

Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right

Author: Maria Conley, RD, LD/N

Little boy with peppersMarch is National Nutrition Month®. This year’s theme is Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right. The foods people enjoy are likely the ones they eat the most. Create healthy meals by combining taste and nutrition.

Every Wednesday we do just that with our Bites, Camera, Action! program. Universal Orlando chefs perform cooking demonstrations for middle-schoolers at four Orange County schools. In addition to a cooking demonstration, students participate in a nutrition education game, and receive a bag of food to take home to their families.

Last week, children were able to watch Chef Ed Colleran and Mayor Buddy Dyer make Turkey Veggie Mac & Cheese. Yum!

Read More …

January 10, 2014

Gluten-Free Ginger-Molasses Cookies

Author: Dawn Viola

Ginger Molasses CookiesOne of the programs that fall under our Community Kitchen umbrella is our in-house catering and events. We rent event space throughout Second Harvest and provide guests with an eclectic menu with a farm-to-table approach to cooking. The revenue generated goes directly back into our culinary training program, providing qualified, at-risk adults with an opportunity to attend our 14-week program without financial obligation.

We cook absolutely everything from scratch, right down to the breads, bagels, mustard and pickles, so when we started receiving requests for gluten-free baked goods, we knew a store-bought gluten-free flour just wouldn’t do. Read More …

August 15, 2013

Have a Salad

Author: Maria Conley, RD, LD/N

By: Jamie Roeper, Dietetic Intern

Three bean saladThere’s not a better time of year to enjoy a cool, refreshing salad than summertime in Florida.  Not only do salads tastes good, but they are good for you—packed with vital nutrients to keep your body healthy.  Salads are quick and easy to prepare, typically requiring little to no cooking.  Adding a salad to your meal brings variety and color to your plate.  And the best part: salads are versatile!  They become what you make them: an appetizer, a side or a meal.  They can be filling yet low in calories. Read More …