February 4, 2014

We’re All In This Together

Author: Dave Krepcho

Students from the Jewish Academy, Leader's Prep, and the Geneva SchoolSeventy youth volunteered to live out the value of service. What was extra special about the group is that it was an inter-faith service project. Students from the Jewish Academy, Leader’s Prep and the Geneva School all pitched in enthusiastically to sort food for Second Harvest.

In a time when a lot of news focuses on division, this activity shines a bright light on what we have in common and working side-by-side. What is particularly refreshing about this group is that they showed that all major faiths have something in common, that we need to help less fortunate people. What a great example to the greater community, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths making a difference together. The faith community has been helping the poor for centuries, this youth group gives us all hope that the fine tradition will continue far into the future. Read More …

October 25, 2013

Giving the Gift of Hope

Author: Maria Diestro

Order Holiday CardsThis year, we hope that you’ll consider skipping the holiday candy jars, cookies, and other quickly forgotten chotch-keys for your list of clients, friends, and family. Instead, why not give something memorable that will help change lives in our community?

For a gift of only $5 (or more if you wish) per card, we will share your holiday greetings with friends, family, and colleagues, letting them know that you have made a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida on their behalf. The card will be personalized and mailed out from our office for your convenience. Read More …

November 13, 2012

Disney Inspiration!

Author: Dave Krepcho

On Tuesday, November 13 I had the pleasure to tour our future new facility with the Disney Imagineer Team. We’re on schedule to complete construction at the end of December for our move in January.

Disney has once again gone the extra mile beyond their philanthropic support and have added the Imagineers’ creative talent to enhance the Volunteer space and surrounding areas.

They will transform what would be an ordinary warehouse environment into a virtual garden being tended by various Disney characters. It is certain to provide added inspiration t Read More …

March 21, 2012

Budding Architect

Author: Greg Higgerson

Rudy is a seven year-old boy who lives in Greater Orlando. Like most kids his age, Rudy goes to school, tries to behave and to learn the things his teachers and parents have to show him about life. As a member of a low-income household, however, Rudy doesn’t always have access to the healthy fruits and vegetables his family struggles to afford. There are often enough calories to go around each week, but the nutritional value of the foods the family can afford aren’t always the best. Rudy told his teacher that sometimes he has trouble keeping his mind on what she’s saying, and that he sometimes gets distracted by a hungry feeling at school.

After school lets out each day, however, Rudy gets off the bus and goes to a local community center where he is enrolled at an afterschool program. He gets to play math and reading games, and other fun activities until his mother gets off work and can pick him up. Not long ago, when the staff at the center decided it was time to build a new playground, they chose several children to help out by providing input to the planning process. After attending an initial meeting at which the general concepts for the playground were explained, Rudy went home and pondered.  Read More …

November 23, 2011

Someone like me?

Author: Dave Krepcho

It was the week before Thanksgiving, and one of our staff at Second Harvest Food Bank opened his email inbox and recognized the name of one of the senders as a personal acquaintance he hadn’t seen in a few years. He recalled Wanda as a very successful and talented real estate agent, and was pleased to hear from her.

Upon opening the message, however, it immediately became clear that the message wasn’t just a friendly hello. Wanda related that she and her teenage son had been struggling with tough financial times for a couple of years. She told of how she had been making more than $80,000 a year in commissions prior to the crash in home sales, and since had been getting by on just over a quarter of that amount per year in income.

She had burned through her savings, and admitted that one of them had been forced to skip meals recently due to lack of money. “And I can tell you it wasn’t my son…” she wrote. “I never imagined I’d need to ask for help, but would someone like me qualify for help with food?”

Wanda was referred to one of the more than 500 local nonprofit feeding programs that receive food from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to help her family get through the tough time. In a nation and community that is as wealthy in food resources as ours, Second Harvest Food Bank is committed to the idea that among all the things that struggling families have to overcome … hunger should not be on the list.

As you take stock of your personal situation this year, please don’t forget about the families who need help with food…. So many find themselves walking through the doors of a feeding program for the first time. Many who felt secure just one year ago are now struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Won’t you help us create hope for them right away? We appreciate any help you can give. Thank you again for your continued support of Second Harvest.

Dave Krepcho
Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

November 1, 2011

Help unwrap hope this holiday season …

Author: Sasha Hausman

No matter what you celebrate, I think we can all agree that the holiday season is a special time. It’s a time when we let the people closest to us know how much they mean to us. Whether it is a family member exchanging a gift, or getting a chocolate shaped snowman from a co-worker … it is hard not to appreciate this special season.

Unfortunately not all of us think of the holidays as the most wonderful time of the year. 1 in 5 of our neighbors here in Central Florida might not know where their next meal is coming from. But luckily there is an easy way to help that might save you a couple steps during your holiday shopping.

For a gift of only $5 (or more if you wish) per card, we will share your holiday greetings with friends, family, and colleagues, letting them know that you have made a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida on their behalf. The card will be personalized with your name or company inside and then mailed out from our office for your convenience. Read More …