July 17, 2017

Local Youth Awarded André Reyna Youth Against Hunger Award

Author: Melissa Kear

Lauren Bautista and Odalys ReynaEvery day, local youth are finding ways to give a voice to those less fortunate. Some volunteer, some advocate, some donate, and some are continuing to find unique ways to solve the problems local kids, families, and seniors in need face.

André Reyna was a very special young man who encompassed this. As a student at UCF and frequent volunteer for Second Harvest Food Bank and other local causes, André cared very deeply about helping those less fortunate, and about making sure that people had the basics of life available no matter their financial resources. Read More …

May 19, 2016

The Feel Good Factor

Author: Maria Shanley

2016 Swamp Sistas La La Summer HopeI’m an Orlando based musician and songwriter who has lived and toured throughout the Gulf Coast region my entire life. Swampy is my climate of choice, and when asked to describe my sound, I say “Swamp Roots” because it’s my own blend of the music I heard growing up, New Orleans rhythm & blues, soul, gospel, country, zydeco and rock and roll, with a percolating groove that exudes humidity and lush growth.

Five years ago I initiated a community of women friends called the Swamp Sistas, 2,545 at last count. We are a diverse group with varied occupations and backgrounds, but we all have two things in common. We love music and we love helping out. We’re passionate about both and combine them whenever we can. Read More …

March 5, 2015

Happy Employee Appreciation Day, everyone!

Author: Sasha Hausman

Second Harvest staffHow can we truly thank all of the employees that work at Second Harvest Food Bank? We range from warehouse workers, truck drivers, program managers, chefs, fundraisers and everything in between. We may all have very different jobs, but we all work toward one common goal…to inspire and engage our community to end hunger.

We wanted to show our supporters how special our food bankers really are. We asked a few of them to respond to this hashtag: #WhyIFeed. Here are their responses… Read More …