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FightingHungerIconMost people have a daily routine. For some, it might consist of sipping coffee each morning while reading the newspaper. It might include visiting the gym faithfully every afternoon. It might even mean reading the same bedtime story to your children at night. Second Harvest Food Bank is hoping that you find time to squeeze one more task onto your daily to-do list: Vote for Second Harvest Food Bank in Walmart’s Fighting Hunger contest.

Several years ago, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation introduced the “Fighting Hunger Together” initiative and committed 2 billion dollars to help combat hunger in America. This year, they have launched a Facebook contest to rally communities around the issue of food insecurity and to support local organizations.

In short, the contest invites Facebook users to vote for their local organization. The top 40 organizations with the most votes will receive $45,000 from the Walmart Foundation. Second Harvest Food Bank is on a mission not only be in the top 40 but to use these new resources to make food available to hungry Central Florida children this summer!

With your votes, we can give 900 kids a take home food pack every Friday this summer! That’s 9,000 food packs for hungry children in our community through our summer feeding program. And you can help us make this possible by voting each day!

Vote here in April:
* You must be logged into facebook to vote.

Since each voter will be allowed to vote once daily, we ask you to consider setting a reminder alarm on your phone, sticking a post-it note to your mirror, or forming a group of friends to remind you to vote. We also encourage you strongly to please make sure that you share with your friends!

Ways to Help Us Get More Votes:

  1. After you vote each day, ask your friends on facebook to vote.
  2. Follow us on Facebook: and share our Walmart posts with your friends.
  3. Invite your friends to our Facebook Walmart event >>

With every vote, you will be helping countless kids in the Central Florida area. We can’t thank you enough for your participation and support.

Jonathan Holbrook 
Member of Second Harvest Food Bank Social Media Council

Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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