You helped provide 250,560 meals!

Kids in our community needed your help, and you didn’t let them down. Yesterday, on La La Day of Giving, $62,640 was raised by over 200 individuals, surpassing our goal and helping provide 250,560 additional meals to children in need this summer! We can’t thank you enough.

Last summer, Zoe and McKenzie received lunch at one of our summer feeding sites. When the first-graders were given whole grain chicken and cheese burritos with black bean and corn salad, they were initially skeptical about an unfamiliar food on their plates.

McKenzie, who’d never tried black beans, said, “No, black food is burnt. It doesn’t taste good.” Zoe chimed in, “Beans should be brown.”

After they were told that beans come in all different colors and are very good for growing kids, they decided to give them a try. Turns out, black beans are delicious, but the girls still had questions.

“What other colors can beans be? Are there purple beans?” McKenzie asked.

Whether the beans are black, red, brown, or even purple, your generosity helps provide fresh, healthy meals for kids and allows them to try – and like – new foods, too. We are so grateful.

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