Why I Believe In Summer Hope for Kids

Growing up as a kid who lived in a food insecure household, I wasn’t nearly as excited for summer as most of my classmates. Sure, school was out, which meant not having to wake up early to catch the bus, spend my days doing homework, or sitting in a classroom instead of being outside, but it also meant no more school meals. When you live in a working-poor family, who is struggling to make ends meet and has to constantly make tough decisions, having enough food in the fridge is a constant worry and stress.

My story is a small example of the one in four kids who struggle in Central Florida with hunger. As an adult, I understand the importance first hand of summer feeding programs, and my own experiences are a huge driving force in my daily work. Every year more feeding sites are popping up all over Central Florida, working to reach low-income areas and food deserts to make nutritious meals accessible for local kids.

I also know firsthand the number of resources it takes for these programs to thrive and survive. One way to support these programs is by starting a virtual food drive. Second Harvest Food Bank has launched their Summer Hope for Kids campaign, and needs your help to make sure more kids do not have to struggle with hunger this summer. By starting a virtual food drive, for every $10 you raise, you will be providing up to 40 meals into our community!

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida Summer Hope for Kids Virtual Food Drive screenshot

Running your virtual food drive, you have access to tools to make an even bigger impact. We made it easy to reach out to your family, friends, and co-workers with graphics, social media posts, and email templates. I believe, as I am sure you and your circle believe, no child should go hungry, and every kid should have the opportunity to grow and be a kid without having to worry about when their next meal is coming. Your virtual food drive can help make that a reality.Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida Summer Hope for Kids social media graphic

So what do you say? Want to help fight hunger for kids this summer? Learn more and sign up today at www.feedhopenow.org/summerhope. While there, check out some of the fundraisers already going on, and get some ideas for your own drives. I look forward to fundraising beside you, and will be excited to share with you all the great things you helped to accomplish because of it at the end of the summer. Until then, thank you for everything you do for our neighbors in need, and inspiring others to do the same!


Melissa Kear
Online Marketing Coordinator

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