What the Bites Camera Action Program Means to our Local Vets

Wendell Calloway -Veteran Peer Support for BCA 150 VeteransHi my name is Wendell Calloway and I am so proud to be a part of the Bites Camera Action(BCA)/Second Harvest Food Bank Food Distribution Program, a program funded completely by Universal Orlando.

Because I am a veteran myself I understand the challenges that some veterans go through with Food. Participating in this program builds comradely among the veterans. Many of them do not socialize, and tend to stay off to themselves in their apartments. Since participating in in this program, they now come outside and gather in a meeting spot with other veterans and they are getting to know each other, laughing, talking socializing, I feel that the food meets their physical and mental needs…it is therapeutic.

The main goal is to get food to the vets, but the program is helping to it build comradely among the veterans, encouraging positive relationships – actual “therapeutic relationships” are formed as a result of the vets getting together. Many of the veterans do not have family and the distribution program gives them a chance to get together and socialize, talk about their experiences, share resources. It becomes therapeutic and beneficial to their well-being.

Since the program has started the veterans appear happier and many volunteer to help with distributing the food, giving them a sense of belonging and accomplishing something good. The veterans come out their apartments and gather in a meeting area in front of the apartment complex to meet the BCA Truck bringing family food boxes, bread, desserts and any available fresh produce.

I am thankful that I am a part of the program because I can identify with their needs, I am able to help, I can see the help and I am so proud to be a part of it. It gives me a sense of actually helping to make a difference in the lives of a veteran, one person at a time. People need to know that this food program is really helping the veterans. Their food needs are met, but this program brings so much more; a chance to get together, have comradely, laugh, talk, share resources and actually have fun. Thank you Second Harvest for allowing me, a former veteran, helping other veterans and being a part of this program.

Wendell Calloway Uniform U.S. ArmyAbout Wendell Calloway: Wendell is a U.S. Army veteran who works for the Department of Veteran Affairs, and is a Bites Camera Action Community Outreach Contact person who serves 250-300 veterans each month. We are so thankful for people like Wendell who do so much for our Central Florida neighbors in need.

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