What is Shelf Stocking?

Cereal boxes stacked high, refrigerators humming, and loud music: these are some of the sights and sounds inside the Dr. Phillips Agency Mart! Here at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida you will always find something new and exciting on these shelves.

Hundreds of volunteers come in and out each week to help in the distribution center. This begins with Donation Sorting. Volunteers help check and repack items received from food drives, retail partners, farmers and distributors.

The next step is Shelf Stocking. Volunteers help place food into the correct aisles or cooler area in the Agency Mart where non-profit feeding partners can easily find what they are looking for during their visit. Each hour volunteers also restock shelves of many popular items, like meat, dairy and cereal so these items are available for the next group of feeding partners to select.

Thanks to this coordinated effort between Donation Sorting and Shelf Stocking, feeding partners are able to get the most out of their visit to the Agency Mart.

Tour of Agency Mart

If you haven’t visited the Agency Mart yet, Lori is here to provide a behind-the-scenes tour.

The Dr. Phillips Agency Mart is like any other grocery store, just HUGE! More than 550 feeding partners and other agencies stop by every day to choose items that would best fit their clients’ needs. The variety of people the feeding partner serves helps determine the food and items they choose.

Partners sign up for an appointment time to pick up any pre-ordered items that they need. Then, each partner is given 45 minutes to gather any additional merchandise from the Agency Mart shelves and coolers that will be distributed to the community in the days to come.

Volunteer for Shelf Stocking

You can be part of the Agency Mart team. Sign up now to volunteer for Shelf Stocking at www.feedhopenow.org/volunteer.

– Sami Gomez
Digital Marketing intern

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