We’re All In This Together

Students from the Jewish Academy, Leader's Prep, and the Geneva SchoolSeventy youth volunteered to live out the value of service. What was extra special about the group is that it was an inter-faith service project. Students from the Jewish Academy, Leader’s Prep and the Geneva School all pitched in enthusiastically to sort food for Second Harvest.

In a time when a lot of news focuses on division, this activity shines a bright light on what we have in common and working side-by-side. What is particularly refreshing about this group is that they showed that all major faiths have something in common, that we need to help less fortunate people. What a great example to the greater community, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths making a difference together. The faith community has been helping the poor for centuries, this youth group gives us all hope that the fine tradition will continue far into the future.

The last words of President Lincoln’s first inaugural speech mentioned our “better angels”. He was referring to the qualities of empathy, cooperation and altruism in society. I think I saw some wings on the backs of these kids.

Interfaith Service Project group shot

Photos of students volunteering:

Dave Krepcho

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