Volunteers Make a World of Difference

One of the coolest things about my job is getting to meet all the different people that volunteer with us. We have quite a range of volunteer opportunities at Second Harvest. Our board members, committee members and event helpers are all volunteers. So besides important tasks like strategy, planning, and running the food bank’s mission, our volunteers spend lots of time sorting food at our Food Rescue Center.

On average, we can have close to 50 volunteers on a daily basis. This week alone, we have volunteers  from Universal Orlando, Marriott, Panera Bread, Nike Outlet, UCF, Walt Disney World and Dean, Ringers, Morton and Lawton helping out at our Food Rescue Center.

All of these volunteers come in to help us sort and pack up donations. They help us organize, check expiration dates and basically make sure that what is going out to our partner agencies is safe and of quality. I can’t imagine what we would do if we didn’t have these volunteers.

Last year alone, we had over 10,000 volunteers contribute more than 35,000 volunteer hours at the Food Bank. The estimated value of a volunteer’s time is $21.36. That means our volunteers helped us save more than $700,000.

This allows us to better serve our community and work towards our mission to alleviate hunger!  Huge thanks to all of our volunteers!!











Mindy Ortiz
Volunteer Services & Food Drive Manager

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  1. Please send me some available dates and times on a Sunday that I can bring my son (13 years of age) to do some volunteer work. If I can bring my 10 years old as well then we can volunteer on Saturdays as well. Thank you!

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