Volunteer Day

Volunteer DayOne of the many things I love about working at Second Harvest is that every employee is given a day to volunteer at one of our amazing partner agencies. A couple weeks ago Maria Diestro and I had the pleasure of visiting the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida to take a tour, learn more about the organization, and of course to help out!

Marty Vevera, the Coalition’s Director of Volunteer Services, showed us around the different facilities and told us more about who they serve and how they do it. We learned that the folks at the Coalition are not only providing a safe place to sleep at night for Central Florida’s homeless … but they also provide  job training, counseling, and learning skills for the little ones. Of course they are also supplying hot meals that either come from gracious volunteer groups, or straight from Second Harvest Food Bank’s distribution center!

After the great tour, Maria and I were put to work … if you could call it that. We had the pleasure of playing with the most adorable children at the Coalition’s Day Care. These children live at the Coalition while Mom or Dad are either busy learning new vocational skills, or working. Maria took the toddlers out to the playground and had a great time playing gas station attendant to all the kids in their play cars. While she was running around outside, I was hanging out with a beautiful 3 month old baby who was just born at the Coalition.

I couldn’t believe how many kids live at the Coalition. When you think about who is homeless, I definitely would not have pictured a sweet and innocent 3 month old baby girl. The average child at the Coalition is 6 years old. It is important to know that these children and their families receive help from the Coalition each and every day. I am proud and honored to say that Second Harvest Food Bank is able to provide food and other resources so the Coalition can spend money on other things like beds, diapers, and new toys for that awesome day care!

Maria and I also finished putting the last minute touches on their successful golf fundraiser and called it a day. Believe me … we were tired! But so happy that we were able to see the good work the Coalition is doing!

Want to know more ways you can help not only the Coalition, but all of our 600 partner agencies? Click here to learn more about ways to get involved.


Talk to you soon!

Sasha Hausman
Events Specialist

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