Urge Congress to Pass a Strong Child Nutrition Bill

Urge Congress to Pass a Strong Child Nutrition BillCongress has less than two weeks to improve and pass a child nutrition bill before the programs expire September 30. The House shouldn’t wait another day to take action on child hunger, and neither should you.

The child nutrition bill passed by the Senate made significant improvements to nutritional quality, but it didn’t go far enough to make sure low-income children are connected with the programs. The bill was also paid for with future benefit cuts to SNAP “food stamp” program participants, half of whom are children.

House leaders are running out of time to move their own bill and face increasing pressure to simply take up the Senate bill. We have a small but critical window of opportunity to make sure the House strengthens the child nutrition bill before it goes to the President. Call your Representative to ensure  Congress makes ending child hunger a priority!

• Go to www.hungeractioncenter.org/fastaction/
• Fill in your name and address to identify your Congressional District.
• The next page will provide a toll-free number and PIN that will connect you directly to your Representative’s office
• Dial the toll-free number—866-548-0332. 
• When prompted, enter your PIN.
• When the office answers, state that you are a constituent and provide your name and hometown.
• Tell them that you are calling about Child Nutrition Reauthorization and deliver this message:

“The House should pass a better child nutrition bill. Please urge Leadership to support a bill that increases children’s access to programs – especially during weekends, summer, and breakfast – and is paid for without cutting SNAP.”

Background Information:
Far too many low-income children lack the nutrition they need to be healthy and successful. The risk of hunger is often greatest during gap periods when children are away from school like weekends and summers. The child nutrition bill before Congress provides an opportunity to change that, but the improvements that are needed won’t happen without your support.

Congress has struggled to identify funding to pay for the child nutrition bill. The Senate bill did not make the investments needed to connect hungry children to the programs and paid for their bill by cutting future SNAP benefits.

With less than two weeks before the bill expires, House leaders are working hard to find funding – both to increase program access and replace the SNAP cut. But the House is facing increasing pressure from the White House and the Senate to simply pass the Senate bill.

Representatives need to hear from you TODAY that until the child nutrition bill is good enough for hungry kids, it shouldn’t be good enough for Congress.

Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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