Unexpected Outreach

Benefits ConnectionThis past Saturday our Benefits Connection food stamp outreach team participated in an large scale workshop and information session for homeowners facing foreclosure.

 Hundreds of people attended the event organized by the state of Florida and many of them were able to find assistance with our team.

Many people are surprised with the face of hunger in our community. Many of the families and individuals we help are employed, yet unable to make ends meet. Layoffs, cutbacks, and medical emergencies are making it more and more challenging for people to provide food to their family.

Because of these economic challenges, our Benefits Connections team has been asked to participate in more and more unexpected outreach events. This month alone we’ll be providing outreach at large businesses, libraries, resource fairs, and schools. This is above and beyond the community centers, church pantries, and nonprofits that we normally provide help to.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Benefits Connection program (or are interested in one of those awesome Second Harvest toast shirts our team is modeling) please contact me.

For more information about where our Benefits Connection Team will be at during the rest of the month, please call our main number 407-423-7333.

Brady Koch
Director of Agency Relations & Programs

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