Top 7 Things to be Thankful for this Season

At a time for giving thanks, we at the food bank are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things we are thankful for. After all, it is thanks to your support we were able to distribute 58 million meals in Central Florida last year. Check out our top picks below.

Our Volunteers!
We are so thankful to each and every one of our volunteers. More than 37,000 volunteers donated over 120,000 hours of their time last fiscal year.

Our Donors!
Whether you’re an individual, corporate partner or food partner, your donations have made a huge impact in our community. Thanks to you, in October alone we were able to distribute over 6.4 million pounds of food into Central Florida.

Our Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers!
Whether it was a Facebook Fundraiser, a Virtual Food Drive, or a Fundraise for Good page, every email sent, every message posted and shared, you were a voice to those without one. Since January, all your hard work helped to raise over $87,000 toward fighting hunger in Central Florida.

Our Students!
Over the past five years, we are so thankful for how our Culinary Training Program has grown, and all the students we’ve met along their path to a better life. We are currently training Class 31 and have graduated 253 students since 2013!

Our Feeding Partners!
Thanks to the strength of our 550 feeding partner network, every week hundreds of thousands of pounds of food makes its way into Central Florida and into the hands of our most vulnerable. We are so thankful to them and everything they do for our neighbors in need.

Our Advocates!
Hunger is not about a shortage of food. It’s about a community’s will to help each other meet this basic need. That’s why we’re thankful for our over 600 advocates who have already lent their voice to important issues like the Farm Bill and SNAP, which is a crucial program that puts food back into the hands of nearly 765,000 Central Floridians every day.


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