“This is Not What America Stands For”

Monday marked the last day to submit comments to the Federal Register regarding USDA’s proposal to eliminate Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility (cat-el). 

To recap, cat-el allows states to determine how they will implement programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Read up on what cat-el means the proposal here: Don’t Let USDA Take Away Food

Nationwide, an estimated 75,000 comments were submitted, and thanks to advocates like you, 106 unique comments from Central Floridians. Here’s a few of the most compelling comments made during this period. 

“In a wealthy country, no person should have to go hungry for political purposes. This is not what America stands for.”

“Those with the greatest need typically are the least able to provide for themselves. The communities and the charities can only do so much. USDA has, and should continue to, stand in the gap. This is a stand for what’s right, for what’s good, and for what our country stands for — a government of the people, by the people, and last but not least a government for the people. And a government for the people with the greatest need, especially a need and even a right more basic and fundamental than those listed in our Bill of Rights, is the greatest government of all. Keep America great by keeping Americans feed.”

“My agency helps 142 lower income seniors receive needed food each month, we can’t do it alone.”

“This directly impacts many of the patients in my pediatrics practice.”

“Every day, I see families in my community who have to choose between paying their rent, other expenses and providing sufficient and nutritious food or their children. Children need nourishment in order to succeed in school and life. By providing meals, you will ensure these children have equal footing for learning.”

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