The Tasty Trio Delights Sold-Out Crowd at Chef’s Night

Thursday, August 30, 2018, the Tasty Trio – also known as Tonda Corrente of La Femme du Fromage, Lisa Wilk of Orlando Uncorked, and Jill Ramsier of Quantum Leap Winery – debuted their first ever dinner to a sold-out crowd at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Pairing wine, cheese, and chocolate into each course, the night was full of delicious flavor combinations, including white chocolate, goat cheese, and strawberry bruschetta; pepper crusted beef tenderloin with a Winemaker’s Cuvee and dark chocolate reduction; Gjetost fondue drizzled brownies; and their paired wines. There was even Peterbrooke chocolate on the salad! Which was a surprising and tantalizing addition.  

The best part of the evening was that all funds raised went directly into supporting the food bank’s Culinary Training Program, which provides disadvantaged adults with the life and culinary skills needed to have a successful career in the culinary business. There were even several students, current and graduated, who worked in the kitchen that night to make the dinner a success.

A big thanks to the Tasty Trio, the kitchen staff, Gordon Ford Service, Halper’s Steak & Seafood, Quantum Leap Winery, Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park, Primeline Distributors, Annie Hall, Inc., Fresh Point, Lineage Coffee, Olde Hearth Bread, and all our guests. Thank you for making this Chef’s Night such a huge success and for changing lives of the students in the food bank’s Culinary Program.

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Thank you again for making Chef’s Night a life-changing event!

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