The Power of Food


The Power of FoodI’ve just returned from 10 days in Turkey, a once-in–a-lifetime experience. My host, the Nile Foundation, was fabulous. The trip allowed me to get away and re-energize and adjust my perspective on many things. In summary, a very healthy trip! (except for over eating great Turkish food).

The Turks are masters at hospitality, they want what we want, family, friends, food on the table, fun and a decent income. They place a huge emphasis on food, not only quality but quantity! Perhaps, most evident was that gathering around food was such a powerful social experience.

 Tea is served during all meals and for at least an hour after dinner; it is a symbol of friendship and hospitality. The tea “cup” or glass is typically shaped like a tulip with no handle. This tulip shape is referred to as “ince belli” or “thin waisted” (not to be confused with my waistline).

As I reflect on the importance of food around the world and here in Central Florida, it re-invigorates my commitment to our mission. I hope by sharing this bit of my trip refreshes you too. Sometimes it takes an outside influence to reinforce our passions.

 Please take a few minutes to check out this link below; it drives home why our mission is so vital.
Over 50 and Out of Work
















Thank you!

Dave Krepcho
CEO Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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