The answer to your question.

With the holidays right around the corner, there is a question that so many of you ask, and it’s music to our ears. “How can I help?”

This question is the beginning of something wonderful…you changing lives!

Luckily, our answer is quite simple: Start a Virtual Food Drive!

You might be wondering why a Virtual Food Drive is one of the best ways to support your neighbors in need, so I’d like to share a few reasons with you.

  1. Your impact is maximized! We are able to turn every dollar donated into 4 meals.
  2. Your donations allow us to purchase our most-needed items.
  3. You’re helping put healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables into the community.
  4. You’re saving on transportation and fuel costs.
  5. You’re not just raising funds. You’re also raising awareness!

This holiday season, we need your help to provide 200,000 meals to families, children, and seniors, and it starts by clicking here.

Right now, we have 30 participants, but we can’t do it without you!

Thank you for embracing the true spirit of the holidays.

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