The 2018 Ballot – Candidates & Amendments

Mid-term elections provide a greater insight into what issues constituent feel are most important for elected officials to tackle in DC and Tallahassee.

The 2018 Elections are crucial, as the State of Florida will be determining their next Governor, Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer and Agriculture Commissioner for the next 4 years. In addition to those four positions, a U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs — a position that last 6 years per term. Find information on candidates running in 2018 in this¬†Orlando Sentinel article here.

Our main Orlando facility was toured by both Agriculture Commissioner candidates. Read more about their visit here. We also invited all of the Gubernatorial candidates to tour our main facility prior to the primaries. Read about their visits here.

Need help figuring out what all these amendments mean on your ballot? The League of Women Voters of Florida put together a great side-by-side with information on why you should oppose or support each amendment, and what the effects are for you. Find it here.

If you plan on voting by mail, make sure to sign the back of your envelope.¬†If your envelope is not signed, your vote will not be counted. If you’d like to vote early, find the nearest site in the county you’re registered in, here.

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