Thank You SNAP Challenge Participants

Food Stamp ChallengeDuring the month of September five local chefs and one restaurant critic took part in a SNAP (food stamp) Challenge as part of Hunger Action Month for Second Harvest Food Bank. They were each asked to live off a food stamp budget of $6.67 for one day. We’d like to start off by giving a big thanks to each of them:

·  Chef Marco Colon, Chef at Universal Studios

·  Chef Jamie McFadden, Executive Chef and Founder of Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine & Events

·  Chef Hari Pulapaka, Executive Chef & Co-Owner of Cress Restaurant

·  Chef Ed Colleran, Executive Sous Chef at Universal Studios

·  Chef Kevin Fonzo, Executive Chef and Owner of K Restaurant

·  Scott Joseph, Restaurant Critic

Each participant answered a few questions about why they chose to participate and what the experience was like for them. Check out their answers at: .

Additionally Chef Hari and Scott Joseph each also recorded their thoughts and experiences in blog posts on their own websites. Here are theirs respectively:

Chef Hari:

Scott Joseph:

This challenge helped bring awareness to the food stamp program as well as educate people on what can be purchased with food stamps.

Kate Santich from the Orlando Sentinel interviewed the five chefs about their experiences as well to find out if this was easily done and what type of food they ate that day. Her article can be found at:,0,4952073.story. Many of the chefs noted that one of the biggest challenges was shopping on a limited budget and still finding delicious and nutritious meals.

Thank you so much again to each of our participants for their dedication and willingness to take a walk in someone else’s shoes for a day.

Interested in taking the SNAP Challenge for yourself? Let us know your experience!


Jennifer Landress

Events Specialist

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