Thank you for saving a single mother and her daughter

“Sometimes I think I would just give up if it weren’t for this little girl.”

As you reflect on the many things in your life to be thankful for this year, I hope you’ll take a moment to accept a thank you as well.

April and her daughter, Emily, are among the thousands of people in Central Florida who are truly grateful that people like you continue to care about them.

To escape an abusive husband, April and Emily had to leave their home over two years ago. Since then, April has worked at a variety of low-wage jobs; struggling just to afford to keep a roof over their heads. She told us that To not be able to bring food home to my little girl sometimes, it’s…beyond depression. Literally the pits of despair.”

To help put food on the table, April regularly visits a local emergency food pantry program that is supplied with food by Second Harvest Food Bank. “Sometimes I think I would just give up if it weren’t for this little girl,” says April.

This Thanksgiving, April and Emily have something they would like to tell you: “I want to say thank you…for saving a single mother and her daughter. You have been there when we needed your help. Thank you!”

Won’t you please consider a special Thanksgiving gift of support to help struggling moms in our community? Your generosity provides food and hope.

Thank you for helping families like April and Emily.

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