TEFAP 101: What is it?

The Emergency Food Assistance Program, or TEFAP, is a federal program that supplements the diets of low-income Americans, including elderly people, by providing them with emergency food assistance at no cost.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) purchases nutritious foods and distributes them to food banks across the country like ours. Per USDA, the amount of food each state receives is based on the number of unemployed persons and the number of people with incomes below the poverty level in the state.

After food banks receive TEFAP food, we distribute it out to our feeding partners that are authorized TEFAP distributors. Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida distributes to 221 TEFAP agencies throughout our six-county service area. Under TEFAP, states receive funds to store and distribute into the community.

Our feeding partners can distribute the food directly to eligible low-income households.

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