Teen Nutrition Team Connects with Younger Students

Most high school students can be found spending their summer break at part-time jobs or lounging by the pool, but for high school students on the Teen Nutrition Team, summer is a time to hone their cooking demo skills and nutrition facts.

Second Harvest’s Teen Nutrition Team is composed of six rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors participating in a year-long internship covering multiple topics including business management, nutrition, professional development, and community engagement.

On a recent Monday afternoon, these teens bustled about the Darden Foundation Community Kitchen, mixing fresh fruits and vegetables to create homemade fruit snacks, instructed to “create the rainbow” via their Team Manager, Cheyanna.

Fritz, participating in the program for his second year, mentioned that “everything I’ve learned is important. Everything you learn here is something you want to take away, both for yourself and others.”

The Teen Nutrition Team works throughout the year as Nutrition Ambassadors and Student Market Managers in area schools that have a School Market program. In the summer, they go to community partner organizations to teach nutrition education.

After preparing the fruit snacks, The Teen Nutrition Team visited Impact Outreach to show their eight to twelve-year-olds that nutrition comes in all colors of the rainbow. Kids clambered to play a matching game between colors and their appropriate fruits and vegetables, afterward tasting the fruit snacks made by the team and guessing the ingredients. Throughout the afternoon, they learned how to balance their fruits and vegetables in a way that they enjoy.

From trying beets to learning the benefits of having a well-rounded diet, 22 of the children said that they learned something new during the Team’s visit.

To find out more about the Teen Nutrition Team and the work that they do, visit www.feedhopenow.org/schoolmarket.

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