Tammi’s Story of Hope: Thank You, From the Bottom of My Heart

Tammi was running her family’s aviation business when a series of laws came into effect in Florida that was made retroactive. Through no fault of her own, Tammi was forced to close her family business. She and her husband had three young boys to feed and turned to a food pantry to help.

“If they had not been there, I would have had to reach out and let my friends know what I was going through,” Tammi recalls. “And even though I didn’t do anything wrong, that would have been so embarrassing.”

Grateful for the food pantry, Tammi made a promise to pay it forward once she and her family were back on their feet.

Today, Tammi is the executive director of the St. Cloud Community Pantry, one of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida’s feeding partners. She leads a team of over 140 volunteers who provide pantry staples, fresh produce, lean meats and bread to kids, families and seniors.

By supporting Second Harvest Food Bank, “You have impacted so many lives you will never know, and one of those lives was mine. And who knows who it will be tomorrow,” said Tammi. “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

View her story in her own words below.

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