August 7, 2017

The Fresh Games: Playing With Your Food Is More Than A Mess

Author: Guest Blogger

Summer Feeding volunteersIn honor of National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables month in June, Second Harvest Food Bank hosted the 1st Annual Fresh Games for our Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

With the help of 8, 12-year-old volunteers, we visited 9 summer food sites to play with our food. As a bonus to the planned activities, each site received fresh fruits and vegetables for the kids to sample. Over the course of the Fresh Games, nearly 316 kids (plus 8 volunteers) were exposed to healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Each activity brought a fun, new experience for the kids at each site and for the volunteers too! Our first activity: Fruit Bingo.

Each child was given a bingo card that had various fruits and vegetables on it. To make the game more hands-on, they were given grapes as markers for their board. If you won a bingo, you got to make your own smoothie out of the following ingredients: spinach, kale, strawberries, bananas, watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, and apples. Read More …

November 19, 2014

A Three Pound Pickle?!

Author: Dave Krepcho

Volusia County warehouse cucumbersCan you imagine having a corn beef on rye sandwich or your favorite burger served with a three pound pickle? There are many stories of why we receive certain food donations. The typical ones may be that an item is close to its expiration date or there is a packaging mistake, etc. However, we thought we would share the story behind the giant cucumber.

A local farm was harvesting cucumbers and having to dump tons of them. We asked why? The farmer has a contract with a major pickle brand and some of the cucumbers didn’t meet the manufacturer’s specifications. They were either too big, too small or oddly shaped.

As a result, there was no market for them and they needed to be dumped…until we stepped up and offered to “rescue” them and find them welcoming homes in Central Florida. We have been able to collect millions of pounds of fresh produce over the past year; food that would have gone to waste. Read More …

September 7, 2011

Eating Better is Expensive!

Author: Greg Higgerson

Sandra is a single mother of two who works as a shift manager at a local fast food chain. Earlier this year, Sandra was at work when she felt a strange, racing heart sensation. She didn’t want to go to the doctor.

“That’s for wimps,” she thought.  

She didn’t think of herself as the kind of person that called in sick to work for something like that. Still, the sensation eventually reached a point where she felt nearly ready to pass out one day.    

A doctor at the walk-in clinic told her that her blood pressure was dangerously high, and that she should go to an emergency room. Once at the hospital, another battery of tests showed that Sandra’s potassium and magnesium levels were far too low.   Read More …

March 23, 2011

Osceola Produce and Baked Goods Drop

Author: Erin Gray

Osceola Produce/Baked Good DropRipe fruit, colorful vegetables, and fresh baked goods … some of the most sought after product at the food bank!

Sometimes it is hard for Second Harvest Food Bank to get these food items to all of the counties in our service area. We are thankful for the Osceola Community Vision for letting us know that Osceola County needed more fruit, veggies, and baked goods. This is why Second Harvest created the Produce and Baked Goods Drop.

Osceola Council of Aging was gracious enough to be the host site for this monthly drop off. Second Harvest Food Bank dropped off 10 pallets of produce and 10 pallets of baked goods. We had 18 partner agencies that came out with volunteers who helped load up their vehicles with all of the wonderful product. Our partner agencies then distributed the food to their clients, which consists of people in need in Osceola County.

These drops are a win/win for everyone. We are excited to be able to reach out to agencies that usually aren’t able to get this product and our agencies were happy that the drop was close and they could offer a variety of fruits, veggies, and baked goods to their clients.

We will continue to schedule these special drops on a monthly basis to ensure that our neighbors in need in Osceola County will be able to eat more nutritious and wholesome foods.

Erin Gray
Agency Relations Manager