September 25, 2017

Hurricane Relief Freshens Rosemont Elementary School Community

Author: Guest Blogger

The power outage affecting communities across Central Florida, including the Rosemont Elementary area, was resolved thanks to the hardworking linemen seeking to restore power following Hurricane Irma.

As a result of this prolonged outage, many families lost their perishable grocery items. However, not everyone will be able to replace the food that they lost during the outage. Neighbors surviving paycheck to paycheck may not have the budget to replace the items lost forcing them to resort to cheaper, less healthy options.

Rosemont Elementary is a Title I school where students receive free breakfast and lunch throughout the school year. The school is also a new partner of Second Harvest Food Bank’s School Market program. As part of the School Market program, the school participates in a Fresh Market, which provides fresh produce to its families during school events, like last week’s Open House.

Principal, Kelly Maldonado, and the Program Coordinator for Parent and Family Engagement, Shirley Williams, have been key partners in developing the School Market program at Rosemont Elementary. Following Hurricane Irma, Williams received reports from families visiting the school about the struggles and issues they were facing in the aftermath – a major problem being groceries and the finances to purchase them.  Read More …

April 17, 2017

Why I Believe In Summer Hope for Kids

Author: Melissa Kear

Growing up as a kid who lived in a food insecure household, I wasn’t nearly as excited for summer as most of my classmates. Sure, school was out, which meant not having to wake up early to catch the bus, spend my days doing homework, or sitting in a classroom instead of being outside, but it also meant no more school meals. When you live in a working-poor family, who is struggling to make ends meet and has to constantly make tough decisions, having enough food in the fridge is a constant worry and stress.

My story is a small example of the one in four kids who struggle in Central Florida with hunger. As an adult, I understand the importance first hand of summer feeding programs, and my own experiences are a huge driving force in my daily work. Every year more feeding sites are popping up all over Central Florida, working to reach low-income areas and food deserts to make nutritious meals accessible for local kids. Read More …