August 7, 2017

The Fresh Games: Playing With Your Food Is More Than A Mess

Author: Guest Blogger

Summer Feeding volunteersIn honor of National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables month in June, Second Harvest Food Bank hosted the 1st Annual Fresh Games for our Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

With the help of 8, 12-year-old volunteers, we visited 9 summer food sites to play with our food. As a bonus to the planned activities, each site received fresh fruits and vegetables for the kids to sample. Over the course of the Fresh Games, nearly 316 kids (plus 8 volunteers) were exposed to healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Each activity brought a fun, new experience for the kids at each site and for the volunteers too! Our first activity: Fruit Bingo.

Each child was given a bingo card that had various fruits and vegetables on it. To make the game more hands-on, they were given grapes as markers for their board. If you won a bingo, you got to make your own smoothie out of the following ingredients: spinach, kale, strawberries, bananas, watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, and apples. Read More …

March 9, 2016


Author: Guest Blogger

National Nutrtition Month 2016 Crunched for TimeIn this day and age, time is of the essence.

Kids are getting home from school later than usual. There is sports practice, and lots of homework. On top of their schedule, you may be working nights, long days, and feeling tired and overwhelmed from all that life brings.

Convenience stores and fast food restaurants are on every corner, with a wait time of less than 5 minutes. It’s tempting to give into the convenience. However, there is a bigger price to pay for convenience, and that is your health.

Most convenience foods are loaded with salt, sugar, saturated fat, trans fat, and preservatives. These types of foods can lack nutrients, and eating them too often can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

If you find yourself crunched for time, try these tips to avoid relying on convenience foods. Read More …