March 21, 2012

Budding Architect

Author: Greg Higgerson

Rudy is a seven year-old boy who lives in Greater Orlando. Like most kids his age, Rudy goes to school, tries to behave and to learn the things his teachers and parents have to show him about life. As a member of a low-income household, however, Rudy doesn’t always have access to the healthy fruits and vegetables his family struggles to afford. There are often enough calories to go around each week, but the nutritional value of the foods the family can afford aren’t always the best. Rudy told his teacher that sometimes he has trouble keeping his mind on what she’s saying, and that he sometimes gets distracted by a hungry feeling at school.

After school lets out each day, however, Rudy gets off the bus and goes to a local community center where he is enrolled at an afterschool program. He gets to play math and reading games, and other fun activities until his mother gets off work and can pick him up. Not long ago, when the staff at the center decided it was time to build a new playground, they chose several children to help out by providing input to the planning process. After attending an initial meeting at which the general concepts for the playground were explained, Rudy went home and pondered.  Read More …

October 13, 2011

Not the Brady Bunch …

Author: Greg Higgerson

Christina is a native of Maine, and a 40-year old mother of three children. After working for years as an LPN nurse in her hometown, Christina and her family packed up, left their apartment, and moved to Orlando.  

Her husband had gotten a new job in our area as the driver of an 18-wheeler, and she had heard about lots of opportunity in healthcare jobs in Florida. In his first week on the new job, Christina’s husband was badly injured in a crash. One of his legs was broken up so badly that he nearly lost it. Not only would he be unable to go back to work quickly, but it became clear that he would likely be permanently disabled from the accident.     Read More …