Survivable Sustenance

Mitch is a Vietnam veteran who served his country with distinction in the United States Navy. After the failure of a small business that provided his income, however, his economic challenges resulted in a situation of homelessness.

“I never envisioned myself as someone who would seek, let alone receive, public assistance for basic needs like food,” he said. Still, he reports being able to maintain a positive attitude and hope for the future due to being able to eat what he called a ‘survivable sustenance.’ And he is grateful for that help.

The food Mitch receives comes from an emergency food pantry supplied by Second Harvest Food Bank, and is supplemented by SNAP food stamp benefits. With the assistance of a Second Harvest outreach specialist, Mitch was able to submit an application for the SNAP benefits he was qualified to receive.

He says that he no longer feels he has to stand on absolute rock bottom in life, and that the assistance he receives helps him step up at least one very important rung on the ladder.

Last year alone, 55,000 people per week used the services of Second Harvest’s 500+ partner feeding programs, and our benefits specialists helped 14,667 qualified people like Mitch apply for and receive more than $21 million in SNAP benefits.

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Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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