State Agriculture Commissioner Round Up: Final Two

Tuesday’s Primary election brought the state of Florida closer to selecting our state’s Agriculture Commissioner. The two contestants, Matt Caldwell (R) and Nikki Fried (D) visited our food bank earlier this year to learn how we’re not just feeding the line, but shortening the line in Central Florida.

Matt Caldwell

During his visit, State Rep. Matt Caldwell toured our facility and was amazed at the level of programs we have. Caldwell enjoyed hearing about the Health & Hunger aspect of our work and was encouraged to see healthier food options being available for clients. Afterwards, we sat down and discussed policy opportunities we see to improve our programs, such as summer feeding sites, funded through the Agriculture Department.

L to R: Bill Collins, COO; Michele Byington, Board Chair; Matt Caldwell; Kelly Quintero

Nikki Fried

Nikki Fried is no stranger to community engagement. During our tour, she mentioned having organized a soup kitchen while in high school and saw first-hand the need in her community. Fried considers herself a strong advocate of anti-hunger efforts and we presented policy opportunities to improve feeding programs in our state.

L to R: Michele Byington, Board Chair; Nikki Fried; Kelly Quintero; Greg Higgerson, VP of Development

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