SNAP Meals Make a Difference

The Farm Bill is the nation’s largest legislative effort to address nutrition and hunger as well as provide vital resources for communities nationwide. Nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), put food bank into the hands of 765,000 Central Floridians, like Larry and Patricia.

Larry has an hourly job at a restaurant near Cocoa Beach and often bikes or takes the bus to work, as they do not own a car. Patricia was previously a housekeeper; she is currently staying at home to care for their three children to avoid the expense of daycare. After paying rent and utility bills, they often have little left over for clothing, diapers, school supplies, or food. Although their bills are paid and nothing is overdue right now, they are unable to start a savings account for emergencies and live paycheck to paycheck. SNAP ensures their kids are consistently fed healthy food on a very tight budget.

Despite their struggle to stay afloat, they are two of the most positive people you could meet. Visit to learn how you can speak up for families, like Larry and Patricia’s.

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