Skip a Meal Challenge

Final Logo with SHFBIf we told you that a simple challenge could make a difference to help thousands of Central Floridians who struggle with hunger every single day, would you accept it?

During the month of September, which is Hunger Action Month, help us provide an additional 20,000 meals by accepting the Second Harvest Skip a Meal Challenge. Your $10 donation can provide up to 40 meals for our neighbors in need!

The best part? A generous donor has stepped up and offered to match any challenge donation. Your gift will count twice a much! Your $10 gift will become $20 or your $50 turns into $100.


There are 3 easy steps to taking the Second Harvest Skip a Meal Challenge:

1. Skip a meal* and feel for a short while what hunger feels like for so many of our neighbors

2. Donate what you would have spent on lunch to provide meals to those in need at All gifts are being matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor – up to $10,000.

3. Create a video on social media and ask 3 friends to take the Skip a Meal Challenge. Use the hashtag #skipameal

*Skipping a meal is a personal choice, and is not a requirement for this challenge. 

Suggested Social Media verbiage:

I’m accepting the Second Harvest Skip a Meal Challenge and I’m donating my lunch money to help our neighbors in need. Plus my donation is being matched dollar for dollar.

I’m  challenging (friend), (friend) and (friend) to do the same. #SkipAMeal

Together we can solve hunger. Show us those plates!

Maureen Mikel
Events Specialist

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