Shutdown Recovery for Brevard TSA Workers

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida continues to support affected federal workers and their families as they recover from the partial government shutdown.

On January 28, Second Harvest delivered food to workers at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Brevard County as part of this effort to address community needs after the partial government shutdown. With the help of a dozen volunteers, Second Harvest was able to distribute 3,457 pounds of food and toiletries.  The event benefited 33 employees of the Transportation Security Administration and their families.

There were handshakes, hugs and even a few tears as employees drove up to receive non-perishable items including pasta, tomato sauce, canned fruits and vegetables and cereal, along with frozen meats.

One father of three was grateful and overwhelmed by the amount of food provided, saying, “This is incredible. I think my wife might love it more than I do. Thank you.”

Another single mother with two college-aged sons shared that they had taken to a number of side jobs, walking dogs and delivering groceries while trying to balance their schoolwork during the shutdown. “This is so much more than I could have asked for. Thank you, very much.”

The shutdown may have subsided but families are still hungry and hurting. You can help by starting a food and fund drive, donating funds or volunteering. Learn more at

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