She Didn’t Eat So That Her Kids Could…

Kelly is the mother of two young children and is passionate about education. She volunteers in the classroom and with the PTA to ensure the teachers, students and other parents are able to achieve success.

When her husband lost his job, the family tried to make it on their own because others were in worse situations. Kelly remembers nights that she and her husband didn’t eat so that their children could.

Kelly’s family had become like many others in our community, food insecure. When Kelly’s husband found a new job she felt a sigh of relief, but there was still one problem. It was the week before Thanksgiving and her pantry was empty.

“I had peanut butter in the cabinet, but no bread to put it on, let alone anything to serve for Thanksgiving dinner,” she recalls. 

Kelly turned to St. Cloud Community Pantry, one of Second Harvest Food Bank’s feeding partners, for emergency food assistance. She was able to take home fresh vegetables, bread and other staple items, plus the ingredients to make green bean casserole for Thanksgiving.

“This place is my saving grace,” said Kelly.

1 in 6 Central Floridians are struggling with the reality of hunger. Your special tax-deductible gift today can make an incredible, hope-filled difference for them. Families, like Kelly’s, need your help today.

When we partner together, we can bring hope back into the homes of so many this holiday season.

Thank you for caring,

Dave Krepcho

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