September Volunteer Spotlight: Alexander Medina

September Volunteer Spotlight Alexander MedinaEvery year, September is proclaimed Hunger Action Month – an entire month devoted to hunger awareness, all across the country. Each day of the month a new action is suggested to help fight hunger and bring awareness to this issue through going orange, social media interactions, special events, and more. Volunteering is always a favorite hunger action, which brings us to this month’s Volunteer Spotlight! A true Hunger Hero, we are happy to introduce you to Alexander Medina, September’s Volunteer Spotlight.

Also a financial donor of Second Harvest, Alexander has only started volunteering with the food bank since May of this year, and has already donated over 178 hours of his time to volunteering at Second Harvest. Quickly picking up the routines of the warehouse, Alexander is easy to spot as he bounces from one project to the next. Between effortlessly getting new volunteers oriented on projects, to running around the warehouse to shrink wrap pallets or using the manual jack to move pallets, Alexander never hesitates helping where he is needed.

“In 10 years as a Volunteer Manager at Second Harvest Food Bank, I’ve never met a volunteer quite like him,” says Volunteer Manager, Mindy Ortiz, “He’s yet to say no to me on anything I have asked assistance with.”

Quick to step in to fill a need, Alexander  is the kind of volunteer who signs up for extra shifts simply to provide support to our Volunteer Lead, Danny, when fellow Volunteer Lead Justin had to be absent for a few days. He does none of these things for recognition or acknowledgement, Alexander helps simply because he wants to help.

Thank you Alexander, for being an amazing Hunger Hero to our community. It is with the help of all our amazing volunteers that we are able to have such an impact on hunger here in Central Florida, and we couldn’t do it without you.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering at Second Harvest, check out our volunteer opportunities at or contact our Volunteer Manager, Mindy Ortiz at

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Online Marketing Coordinator

Mindy Ortiz
Volunteer Services & Food Drive Manager

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