Second Harvest’s Krepcho values unconditional love

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Second Harvest’s Krepcho values unconditional love

After a long day on the job, Dave Krepcho smiles at the thought of going home to his family — including his two barking buddies.

Krepcho, president and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, is a doggie-dad to two female miniature schnauzers. Tedi, 10, and Bella, 6, don’t accompany Krepcho to the food bank, but their presence at home makes the day that much more worthwhile.

Their unconditional love — and their howling when they see his car turn into the driveway at home — help him make it through the day, he said. Even when they bark at bike riders.

“They don’t carry any grudges,” Krepcho said. “They always bring a smile to my face because of their personalities.”

Though he wasn’t there to pick out either one, they now get special neck and back massages from him on a daily basis, with an occasional belly rub, of course.

“Tedi was chosen by my daughter and wife while I was away traveling, to my surprise,” Krepcho said. “Bella was presented as a gift to my wife and I on Christmas morning by my son. I thought she was a stuffed animal.”

Tedi’s distinguishing features include her dark paws that look like slippers. Meanwhile, Bella is all white, which is rare for a schnauzer, Krepcho said.

Each also has her own special talents: “Tedi can catch popcorn in her mouth from a distance of up to 6 feet, and Bella’s talent is lizard hunting,” he said.

If he were to hire them, Tedi would be named vice president of culinary snacks and Bella would be vice president of recreation. “Both would report directly to me.”

Source: Orlando Business Journal


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