School Is Out and Kids Are Out of Time

2017 Summer Hope for Kids Virtual Food Drive Chef John StoryLast summer, a co-worker and I were at the Holden Community Center for an event. The majority of people there were children ranging from elementary to high school. School was starting soon, and they were there with a parent to receive book bags and assorted items for the upcoming school year.

While we sat at our table, a teenaged boy, probably late middle school to high school age, passed by our table. The words that came out of his mouth were unforgettable.

“Thank you,” he said. I was taken off guard with his statement and downplayed my confusion to reply, “You’re very welcome, for…”

The teenaged boy smiled and explained that every day, the Second Harvest Meals for Good food trucks came by his neighborhood to feed him, and he really loved the food. He then thanked me again for what I did for kids like him.

I was powerfully moved, and thanked him for sharing his story, and promised to pass along his words to the rest of my team.

Stories like this remind us how important your support is over the summer – when increased distribution and summer feeding programs are needed for kids and their families.

When you start a virtual food drive, not only are you raising funds to support these programs, but you are bringing hope to thousands of kids. No kid should ever have to struggle with hunger, and you can help make sure that doesn’t happen by starting a virtual food drive.

Click here to learn how you can help more families through your Summer Hope for Kids virtual food drive. Thank you for everything you do for local kids and their families.


John Dizon
Sous Chef
Second Harvest Culinary Training Program

P.S. Below is a snapshot of what your drive will look like. Thanks again for helping families this summer!

Ask your family and friends to help by filling up their cart

Start a virtual food drive

Not ready to start a food drive? Click here to give an immediate, one-time virtual food drive gift.

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