Safe Food Handling

Safe Food HandlingNothing is more important at Second Harvest than ensuring that the food we provide is safe for consumption.  There are numerous ways that food can become unsafe throughout its life including improper storage, handling of food and contamination.

In an effort to combat these risk factors, each of our Partner Agencies is required to attend a Safe Staff Food Handler Certification Program. This training is developed by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association and is the same training that is required by Florida law for public food service workers to complete.

The training is administered by a Florida Certified Professional Food Manager, who is also a staff member. The contents of the training address such topics as cleaning and sanitizing, controlling pests, food borne illnesses and the importance of personal hygiene.

The certification is valid for three years at which time the course must be repeated. By providing our Partner Agencies with basic food safety training we hope to provide them with as many preventative techniques as possible to minimize food safety risks and ensure the health and safety of the clientele receiving our food.

written by:
Whitney James, ADEPT & Special Projects Manager

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