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Walmart Granted Cargo ContainersWe are so excited to share a milestone moment in not only our Grocery Alliance Program, but also for our food bank’s agency capacity building initiative.  Recently, the first refurbished cargo container was delivered to our partner agency, Servant’s Heart. But not just any cargo container! This container is fully insulated and refrigerated, and will allow our feeding partners to distribute more fresh produce and perishable foods to our neighbors in need.

The cargo container was purchased and granted with a $50,000 Walmart Retail Infrastructure Grant, recently awarded to the food bank.  The Walmart Grant is facilitating a key component of our Grocery Alliance Strategic Growth plan and adding two retailers to the program.

This grant will be used to grow our retail program, by growing our agency capacity to perform more agency enabled pick-ups. This will encompass an additional 881,122 pounds of donated product, picked up at  44 new retails stores, by an additional 19 member agencies, including Servant’s Heart.

The cargo container is an innovative and cost effective solution to increase our partner agencies’ capacity to safely store and distribute refrigerated and frozen donations. Our largest donation growth category includes fresh produce, refrigerated food and frozen groceries, and utilizing these cargo containers allows our partner agencies to expand with the food bank, and make an even greater impact on our community.

Interested in learning more? Check out our programs at the food bank, and see all the ways Second Harvest Food Bank is working with partners in the community to feed more kids, seniors, and families all over Central Florida, and how you can be involved.

Happy day!!! Just in…20 ft cooler to hold produce and refrigerated donations. Thank you Second Harvest Food Bank!

Posted by Servant’s Heart Center on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kirsten Langan, CFR
Director of Food Strategy & Sourcing

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