Pound for Pound: Week 1

Second Harvest Food Bank StaffThe Pound for Pound challenge kicked off this week at the food bank and we all got on our pallet scale to get our cumulative “before” weights. We have so many participants at each of our different warehouses that we all couldn’t fit on the scale at once. Hey, no snide remarks about that. Collectively we weighed in at 2,809 lbs.

One of the things we’re doing this week to get healthy is walking the perimeter of the warehouse during lunch. Four laps is the equivalent to one mile. So next time you visit us for one of our Food For Thought sessions, don’t worry that all of the staff are circling the building. We’re making a commitment to health while fighting hunger.

Remember that General Mills donates $.14 for each pound you pledge to lose through the Pound for Pound challenge. If you want to make your Second Harvest Food Bank Staff pledge or learn more please visit http://www.pfpchallenge.com/fl

We have also set up a group on facebook to update you with recipes, success stories and exercise tips. Don’t forget to join our group.

Brady Koch

Director of Agency Relations & Programs

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