Pete’s Story of Hope & Courage

“You just made my day,” Pete said with a grin.

A few hours earlier Pete’s outlook hadn’t been as rosy. He woke up, got dressed and prepared for the day ahead, unsure of what to expect. He left his wife at home to care for his sister, got into his pickup truck and drove to the Moose Lodge in Bithlo.

“I knew where I was driving to because this is my polling place,” he said. “But I had no idea what to expect when I arrived.”

Pete had never sought food assistance before, although he probably should have. He’s the kind of guy that gives big teddy bear hugs but has a lot of pride buried deep inside.

“I’m the sole provider for my family and being a disabled veteran sometimes makes it hard to pay all the bills,” Pete explained. “The price of gas, one extra bill, anything really can make us skip a meal.”

He learned that Family Ties Ministries, one of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida’s 550 feeding partners, would host a mobile food drop at the lodge when he cast his primary ballot in August. Thankful for the information but uncertain of how a food drop worked, he arrived early. The Army taught him to always be prepared for anything. He came with a hat in case he had to stand outside in the sun.

When it was his turn, Pete filled a few reusable shopping bags with canned goods, rice, cereal, fresh produce and bread.

“For me, this is a blessing,” said Pete. “And I love the fact that everybody gets to go home with something to enjoy.”

Thanks to you, within a matter of hours, Pete’s disposition went from uncertain to hopeful, and his family had the nutritious food they needed.

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