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Performers with a Purpose: The Edge EffectHere at Performer’s With a Purpose, we love partnering with charities to help their cause. As entertainers, we really do live blessed lives and it compels us to give back.

Second Harvest Food Bank is a perfect partner for our upcoming Dr. Phillip’s Center show. Our organization is located in the Orlando area and we search for local charities that are doing important work.

Charles Peachock, the founder of Performers With A Purpose, says, “It’s amazing to me with the food abundance in the U.S. that we have starving children. We have enough food, that’s not the problem. We just need great organizations like Second Harvest to help route it where it’s needed most.”

With routing the main problem and acquiring food a second, it’s amazing how far donations go. For every $1 raised, $9 in groceries can be given to a hungry person. We are hoping to raise $20,000 in groceries at this event.

If we sell out tickets like we did last year at the Dr. Phillip’s Center, together we will meet our goal. Second Harvest Food Bank needs your help. Please consider attending this amazing show for a worthy cause!

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