PepsiCo Feeds America with National Day of Service

PepsiCo Feeds America With National Day of Service‎When I walked into work this morning I was greeted by 50 PepsiCo volunteers. They filled up our volunteer greeting area and overflowed into our warehouse. One thing I love about my job is having the opportunity to meet individuals and organizations that come through our volunteer center. So why do we have 50 PepsiCo volunteers at Second Harvest today?

Today, MOSAIC, PepsiCo’s African-American employee network is organizing a day of service with Feeding America. PepsiCo volunteers will work in over 30 food banks nationwide to impact over 2 million people. 1,400 PepsiCo employees will generate more than 5,000 volunteer hours in one day. That’s a pretty incredible project!

Second Harvest Food Bank is excited to take part in PepsiCo’s Employee Day of Service. We are one of four food banks in Florida that is participating in this project. The other 3 food banks are in Tampa, Miami and Ft. Pierce. I went around and took photos and video of these employees hard at work.

Second Harvest Food Bank would like to thank PepsiCo for their time and commitment in the fight against hunger.  Enjoy the photos and video!



Maria Diestro
Online Services and Communications Manager

Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

2 thoughts

  1. Hey Maria,

    Great job on the media and thanks for the free PR! Your team was incredibly helpful and it’s good to know our efforts in packing over 18,000 pounds of goods is probably helping needy Floridians right now! Looking forward to next time..


  2. What a great event! I see Mr. Bill had his hands full with that crew. I loved the shirts – definitely inspirational!

    A sincere thanks to the Pepsi team!

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