Our Point of View: Food Stamps

The New York Times has an ongoing editorial series focused on encouraging debate on a variety of relevant social topics. Recently the topic was about the perception that people receiving food stamps eat poorly.

Food Stamps: The Economics of Eating Well (source: New York Times)

I think this article provides a good summary of all of the major opinions on the issue. To chime in on the topic myself, my interviews with our clients show that the majority of food stamp recipients are using the benefit to access healthier food that they could not get otherwise.

As a food bank we can be limited to providing the community with whatever may be donated in a given week. The food stamp program is a great way for our clients to supplement the donated food with items that their family may not be able to get from a pantry. The next outreach step could include client education on how to best use their food stamp EBT cards to maximize nutrition and food stamp dollars.

Brady Koch
Director of Agency Relations & Programs

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