Osceola Produce and Baked Goods Drop

Osceola Produce/Baked Good DropRipe fruit, colorful vegetables, and fresh baked goods … some of the most sought after product at the food bank!

Sometimes it is hard for Second Harvest Food Bank to get these food items to all of the counties in our service area. We are thankful for the Osceola Community Vision for letting us know that Osceola County needed more fruit, veggies, and baked goods. This is why Second Harvest created the Produce and Baked Goods Drop.

Osceola Council of Aging was gracious enough to be the host site for this monthly drop off. Second Harvest Food Bank dropped off 10 pallets of produce and 10 pallets of baked goods. We had 18 partner agencies that came out with volunteers who helped load up their vehicles with all of the wonderful product. Our partner agencies then distributed the food to their clients, which consists of people in need in Osceola County.

These drops are a win/win for everyone. We are excited to be able to reach out to agencies that usually aren’t able to get this product and our agencies were happy that the drop was close and they could offer a variety of fruits, veggies, and baked goods to their clients.

We will continue to schedule these special drops on a monthly basis to ensure that our neighbors in need in Osceola County will be able to eat more nutritious and wholesome foods.

Erin Gray
Agency Relations Manager

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  1. Hello
    I would like to get some of these produce and baked goods … How do I do this?
    I do not pay taxes to this contry, so it’s not MY tax dollars at work …
    Im do not work because there are No muslim business in Oscoeola Country
    Do you send out halal meats…?? I must have halal or else it is forbidden by Allah
    Please send me answers and thank you for your donations.

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