Mobile Virtual Food Drive for Disaster Relief

In 2016 Second Harvest Food Bank upgraded its virtual food drive tool to be mobile responsive and that decision is paying dividends, most recently during Hurricane Irma.

The Ogle family in Avalon Park used the virtual food drive as a way to give back to their community following Hurricane Irma. The family counts themselves as one of the lucky few that did not endure a power outage in the wake of the storm. Siobhan notes that they lost Internet service, but that inconvenience was nothing like friends and neighbors who lost electricity, groceries and had damage to their homes.

When she and her husband, Will, heard the news of a two-day school closure after the storm, they realized parents would be at a loss for where to send their children. Will, a 5th grade teacher at Avalon Park Elementary, had the idea of running a two-day hurricane camp. He runs a similar camp in the summer, so condensing activities into two days was his way of doing his part to help after the storm. Instead of charging tuition, they would ask for donations to help the community recover. 

The couple put their plan into action. Will coordinated logistics, secured a location at one of the Avalon Park Community Centers and enlisted the help of two other teachers. Siobhan was aware of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida from previous stints in the food service industry. Using her mobile phone, she navigated to, setup a virtual food drive and posted a link to a Facebook page. Within an hour, 50 students registered for the camp, which eventually attracted 112 participants.

Using only her phone, Siobhan was able to easily manage the drive, edit templates, track donations and acknowledge participants. By the end of the camp, over $6,000 was raised to feed Central Florida families in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Visit Second Harvest’s virtual food drive tool to setup your campaign to help with Hurricane Irma recovery, or to provide hope for families this holiday season.

photos from the camp:

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