Michelle Pettinger Talks Pairing Wine with Shoes

VanillaPuddinPairingCome along with me and find out how it is possible to pair Wine with Shoes!

When I first heard Wine Women & Shoes I have to admit to being perplexed. I knew plenty of ladies who loved both of those things but as a combination it surprised me.

So how exactly do you pair wine with shoes?

My current favorite wine is ‘The Velvet Devil’ it’s a cheeky Merlot out of Washington State.

I first encountered it in a restaurant not far from our Walk on Water friends in Lake Mary, who are vendors this year and part of a wonderful group of businesses who provide shopping opportunities for us at the event and donate 20% of their sales to Wine Women & Shoes.

So what pair of shoes might be paired with my favorite ‘The Velvet Devil‘? On reading the label, I am told to avoid a number of activities but there is nothing about avoiding heels, so off we go!

Aroma’s and Flavor = Color – so not pink toned, not crimson, certainly not brown toned….. I settle on a deep red!

Texture & Tactile = Texture – the texture match for my chosen vino is suede….. Glorious

Structure & Body – Rich and Ripe in structure, full bodied so my mind leaps to high heeled booties.

Complexity – I find myself wishing that I was done, no embellishment needed, the additional wow factor comes from who wears them!

But with my palate tasting a hint of tobacco flavor I feel it only appropriate to match with a hint of decoration, perhaps a subtle strap.

The velvet devil squareRed high heeled booties

So I have my wine.

I have my shoe pairing.

I have one in plentiful supply…… the other I am going to find on April 30th at Wine Women and Shoes!!!!

See you there ladies there. Tickets are still available, but you are running out of time. You won’t want to miss this year’s event at The Ritz-Carlton, Grande Lakes. Pick up yours at www.FeedHopeNow.org/wws, and we’ll see you there!


Michelle Pettinger
Wine Women & Shoes Committee Member

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