Meet Our Nutrition Manager: Maria Ali, RD, LD/N

Maria Ali, RD, LD/N - Nutrition ManagerHi—my name is Maria Ali, RD, LD/N and I am Second Harvest’s new Nutrition Manager. I started with Second Harvest about 4 weeks ago, and every day I have learned something new and fabulous about this organization. I am amazed at all the excitement and energy they have behind implementing nutrition within the food bank. With that being said, I have a lot of work ahead of me!

I am starting from scratch here, and I am also new to the food bank community, but the staff here has been very helpful. My first task is to help pick a nutrient analysis program that the food bank can use to monitor and analyze the nutrient quality of the food they distribute.

Determining how nutritious the food is can help get healthier food to the agencies and into the hands of the clients they serve. It is our hope that this new program will make it easy for agencies to identify which foods are the most nutritious and how much of the food they distribute is nutritious.

As I think about the statement: “Food is more than calories; it is the basis for health,” I’m reminded of not only how important is it to have adequate food, but also to know how to choose the right foods to eat to be healthy.

Nutrition education is another focus of Second Harvest at this time. We hope to promote and empower agencies and clients to be healthier via education. Currently, I am developing and investigating nutrition education programs and curriculums that will serve the needs of our agencies and clients well.

There are many things to come! And I look forward to sharing all the progress we make.

Maria Ali, RD, LD/N
Nutrition Manager at Second Harvest Food Bank

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